Most concrete floors can be polished. Embracing the imperfections of concrete brings out its hidden beauty


It looks so much better

By Mia  November 2015

“We love acid stained floors but we had one that our dogs tore up with their nails. Our NuFloor works great with pets.”

What we do! 

“I love my polished concrete! It’s easy to clean
and  I get tons of compliments. No more
smelly dirty carpet either.” 

Love my new floor

By Kim  Feb, 2016

Our polished concrete flooring, stained and dyed concrete floors are found in government facilities, schools, retail,  restaurants and commercial applications. 

They are easy to install & maintain, offer increased durability, and will decrease maintenance and cleaning costs. Updating your flooring with dyed concrete can make your floor more attractive, yet more cost effective at the same time. 

Grind the surface     

Remove any existing sealers and coatings. Repair/fill any surface cracks.  If the floor has only minor blemishes or a very light coating, you can move on to the initial floor grinding process.


Now you’re ready for the initial rough grinding with metal bond diamond abrasives that prepare the concrete for final smoothing. This honing procedure is 3 to 4 steps depending on the condition of the concrete.

Dye the concrete

After performing the initial grinding and honing, dyes are applied to create a marbled look that compliments and accents the naturally occurring imperfections of concrete.  We then apply a liquid chemical hardener to the concrete to help solidify and densify the surface and to provide extra protection from water penetration and staining. Hard concrete also produces a better polish. 


With each successive pass, the goal is to buff out the scratch pattern from the previous pass.  We step up a grit with each pass until a mechanical polish reaches 1500 grit.  Once you get the look and polish you’re striving for, we protect the surface by applying a commercial stain-guard product. They are usually applied by pump sprayer or wax applicator and burnished with a high speed propane burnisher to create a deep luster. 












The FAQS page defines types of grinding and levels of gloss and reflectivity. The most popular choice and best value is the Hybrid Polish - Semi Polish gloss, colored with Dye N Seal. You may however decide your application need a Highly Polished finish or Coarse Aggregate showing. 

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